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Running Coaching

Running coaching has the advantage of combining coaching and personal training to help you reach your goals in running. The coaching process excels each client to a new level of excellence in regards to developing a healthy lifestyle and/or in sports performance. My goal is to help you perform to the best of your abilities.

I offer 3 options:

1. Phone Coaching

2. Email Coaching

3. Face to Face Coaching

1. Phone Coaching

There are a number of advantages to coaching by phone:

  • It is convenient and practical

  • It avoids the need for the client or coach to travel, saving time and expense 

  • Coaching sessions can take place when the client and coach live in different parts of the UK or in different countries 

  • It helps to ensure that appropriate professional boundaries are maintained between the coach and the client 

  • Clients need not worry about the risks at the start of the process of meeting an unknown person 

  • Phone coaching helps to create focus and achieve positive results for you, since external distractions such as might occur in a public meeting place are avoided. 

  • The sessions can concentrate on what they are meant to achieve - helping you to achieve solutions for difficulties or to create and implement positive plans for the future. 

    My clients find phone coaching to be a beneficial way of continuing coaching after an initial set of face to face running session together or for those who need guidance but are too far away to meet up. Distance is not a barrier to telephone coaching. Sessions are confidential, professional, effective and time-efficient.


2. Email Coaching

Email coaching is particularly helpful for people who find it difficult to schedule in specific times for coaching sessions due to work or other commitments or for those who like the format and convenience of emails.

Email coaching has the following advantages:

  • With email coaching you can communicate at your own convenience and wherever you live, whatever your geographical location. 

  • Your coach will give a swift yet (replies normally within 24 hours) considered response and can provide you by email with appropriate exercises or considerations to take into account to explore what actions are going to be helpful to you. 

  • You have your own email record of what you have asked and what your coach has responded. 

I suggest email coaching to anyone who wishes to receive the benefit of having a running coach or personal trainer in a flexible and accessible way.

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3. Face to Face training sessions

Training sessions are usually a hour long and can cover any training requirements. Sessions tcan take place in parks and other outdoor locations as well as at your home. The nature of each programme will depend on your individual needs. For running specific sessions the majority of work will be done outside but extra complimentary gym based strenght conditioning work can be included. 

Sessions are flexible and my manner is always relaxed yet focused on your fitness needs. I aim to motivate and bring enjoyment to every session.

I also provide face to face consultations where we can talk through race goals, plan training and assess how to optimise performance.

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